Will the energy situation ever be fixed in this country

The erratic energy supply that has bedeviled this country (Nigeria) has gone way back since the birth of the country itself. The era of up Nepa! is one that cannot be forgotten in a jiffy even as few people still chant this so annoying phrase-in the suburban parts of the city. I see why God was happy when He said “let there be light” and there was light. Darkness could not withstand its intensity and therefore needed to give way.

Few people still chant up Nepa! not because the energy situation have improved but the average Nigerian feels indifferent about the energy situation. Virtually every government of the day promises stable power supply at the beginning of their tenure but as time goes on, so little is seen in the development of the power sector despite the humongous funds been channeled into this sector. Continue reading “Will the energy situation ever be fixed in this country”