Independent People of Biafra and the Polarization of the Nigerian State

Different tribes in Nigeria
Ethnic tribes in Nigeria


Igbo people are just too arrogant for me to spend the rest of my life with! I thought the comment was a joke as I tried to see through her thought but put aback as my instinct revealed to me that she was speaking from experience. I never bordered to inquire further from her to unravel the reason(s) for the firm decision as the environment would not permit me to. As I left her, it kept reechoing in my thought process that numerous people will have similar feelings towards other tribes of the society-well maybe. Could such emotion be based on tribal bigotry, parental influence, religion, disposition of the igbos, or just share personal experience? Continue reading “Independent People of Biafra and the Polarization of the Nigerian State”

Will President Mohammadu Buhari “Resume or Resign”?

Will President Buhari resume or resign
President Buhari


The Nigerian constitution gives the citizens the right to freedom of speech so long as it does not constitute nuisance or threaten the lives and properties of people. Protest had always been the last tool deployed in the time past to make sure that government or a superior authority yields to the demand(s) of its subjects. I mean it has been used worldwide even in the most developed of countries and certainly Nigeria is no exception. As a young chap, the labour movement in the days of the military shows how gallantly the people fight for what they believe in through protest and in the midst of the struggle some comrades lost their lives.

The President Mohammadu Buhari’s health status which has made him become a medical tourist to the United Kingdom has been an issue for some time. If I could recall the Minister for Information at a time Pooh-Poohed the talk in town that the President’s ailment was severe but the frequent medical Continue reading “Will President Mohammadu Buhari “Resume or Resign”?”

Unknown gunmen massacre in St. Phillip church Ozubulu, Anambra.

Massacre in St. phillip Catholic Church, Ozubulu.
St. Phillips Catholic Church

Again as I watched the video of the St. Phillip Catholic Church massacre in Ozubulu, Anambra state in utter shame, disgust and anguish, I watched closely to see barriers being erected by the security agencies concerned to forestall any form of corruption as regard evidences on the actual crime scene but alas nothing of such was visible. The police were allegedly called to the scene immediately the sporadic shootings occurred to bring about order but it is surprising to see that the environment of the crime scene was not cordoned for proper investigation to take place. It is no surprise that investigations will always be inconclusive in most cases and they eventually turn to cold files. Continue reading “Unknown gunmen massacre in St. Phillip church Ozubulu, Anambra.”

Why the internal wrangling will continue in political parties

Internal wranglings in political parties
Party Logos

My fellow Nigerians was a catchy phrase that once was used to herald a new administration in this country when a coup d’etat had been successfully carried out by the military. The panic and confusion that era reminds me of the dog of my landlord. This dog victimizes every tenant in the house with the exception of the landlord of course. It was like a war to go in and out of the compound but after some years of torture, we suddenly found Jaguar (dog) dead. Spiders whispered into my glorious antenna that she was actually poisoned so as to bring peace.  Continue reading “Why the internal wrangling will continue in political parties”

Does nature have anything to do with the recent flooding?


Is nature the main reason for the recent flooding
Flood: Lekki/Ajah expressway

Today was really not a good day as there was heavy traffic on the Lagos Island not necessarily because of the mad rush by Lagos drivers but the incessant rainfall that has refused to abate for some days now which as a consequence led to flooding. Earlier in the day, we were as usual happy to see a bright and clear day and of course our grand daughter was in a boisterous mood as a groove is about to go down-she was invited to a birthday party. All of the vibes was not fruitful as the weather went berserk and decided to do the will of nature. Continue reading “Does nature have anything to do with the recent flooding?”

What kind of restructuring should we adopt as Nigerians


What sought of restructuring should be adopted in Nigeria

Flipping the pages of newspapers and other information disseminating platforms, what perhaps is the trend in town is the issue on “restructuring”. The high and mighty, professionals in various fields and politicians have suggested ways on making Nigeria a great nation by reverting to the 1963 constitution, going back to assess or perhaps implement the 2014 conference conducted by the Jonathan administration. All these suggestions have their various merits and demerits.

However, how Nigeria got to this present state had always been an issue of public discuss. The various tribes in the nation claim to be marginalized by the power at the center. Hence, the need for bickering and agitations which always seem to be the last resort by people concerned. Massive loot of the government treasury, due process not followed in awarding and executing contracts, impunity on the part of government officials, skewed appointments in MDAs and without leaving out corruption. Continue reading “What kind of restructuring should we adopt as Nigerians”

What are the effects of Aso-ebi in the Nigerian social circles

Effects of Aso-ebi in the Nigerian social circles

Spirit lead me when my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters, wherever you would call me. Take me deeper than my feet could ever wonder and my faith will bring me stronger in the presence of my savior. That was the lyrics  to the gospel song by the band “Hill Song” that kept piercing through my soul that Sunday afternoon during church service. Indeed everyone was alive in the presence of the Lord as the Holy Spirit came down to do the usual (Supernatural). However, as soon as the service was over, I galloped out of the church premises heading for home but no sooner that I got to the gate, I had a voice called from behind me , don’t run away!!-oh dear!! what a sonorous voice. Continue reading “What are the effects of Aso-ebi in the Nigerian social circles”