Technology and the Bible (paper) in the 21st century

Technology and its effects in the 21st century on paper bible
Technology: Micro chip

Technology is what drives the economies of the developed countries of the world. The colossus impact it has on the lives of an average human is not explainable. The article you are reading right now is on a platform of technology. Thinkers and innovators over the years have come up with different technologies deployed for specific purposes. Satellites, Nuclear plants, Airplanes, Super computers, e.t.c were all creations made out of technology. The World Wide Web ensured that these technologies were interconnected for the greater good of the human race.

We are in a fast pace era where millennials thinks and acts on the go and therefore technology is a no brainer to execute some of our thought process in a frenetic manner. As good technology is to the effectiveness of the society, it has also been used or should I say hijacked by the evil doers for unnecessary gains. Some of these evil doers are alleged to be the creators of these technologies-hackers are the number one culprits. Technology has even led to job losses which have angered and made millennials to undergo severe hardship in some climes.

Now, the purpose of this write up is about how technology has affected the paper bible in recent years. The use of smart phones and tablets by church goers and pastors alike are mere show of status symbol in the society and it is not right before God and man, he said. That was a friend I had a discussion with sometime ago who seemed to have a differing view with mine on the use of technology for bible study. I opined that, in the beginning of time when God inscribed the Ten Commandments on a tablet (stone) for Moses to dish out to the people of Israel, technology was not available at the time and they were limited to the use of stones (Stone Age). If I were to concede to his view, it is better left imagined to see people carry stones all about to study the bible in this era.

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Of course the Stone Age was tedious and unsustainable and people had to think of how to better their lives which gave birth to the Scrolls. Jesus Christ throughout His earthly ministry made use of scrolls to teach-advancement in research faded away the use of stones. As time went by, the use of scrolls also became history as paper technology was deployed and that is prevalent in this era. The paper technology has its own disadvantages-mobility being one of them. You simply cannot carry the paper bible with you everywhere. The paper bible seems to be phasing out too like its predecessors (stone, scrolls). Smart phones and tablets are making leeway into the churches for bible referencing. It is considered a status symbol in my opinion because the technology is still relatively expensive which invariably mean that the masses cannot get the technology just yet. As soon as the technology is affordable, this is inevitably going to be so, the masses would own this technology and eventually the paper bible will be fizzled out.

Perhaps, what should be a major concern to the Christian faithfuls should be how the words should not be manipulated when they are moved or transferred into these technologies. It has been alleged in the past that manuscript have been missing when changing from one age to the other. I got a message some years ago that some of the bible apps on smart phones and tablets have some verses deliberately removed from them. When I did a search on these omitted verses, they were actually not found in some of the bible apps. When downloading some of these bible apps, one has to be careful to choose an authentic one for study and referencing as well.

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