Why has Alhassan Aisha not resigned from Buhari’s cabinet?

The recent statement by Alhassan Aisha does not show loyalty.
Alhassan Aisha

I thought Alhassan Aisha would have resigned by now given the statement she put out recently. This was the statement as quoted,

Since I was in the civil service, His Excellency, Atiku Abubakar, has been my mentor and godfather. He has remained so even now that I joined politics. There is a reason for every political relationship.”

As ordinary as the statement may have sounded, it questions the loyalty of the Minister of Environment and Women Affairs to the President. Everyone has political mentor one way or the other but putting out a statement like that have an undertone.

Remember that the Ex Vice President, Atiku Abubarka has an eye on the topmost position in the land. He even went as far as saying that he will pursue the corruption campaign better than the Present government. The action of Alhassan suggests to me that she does not believe or trust in the government of Buhari any longer. What she indeed should have done was to resigned from the cabinet and form an alliance with who she feels would portend a better political climate for her-in this case Atiku Abubarkar.

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I must state categorically that anyone has the right to be mentored politically, economically and even socially and if Alhassan has found Alhaji Atiku Abubarkar as a good mentor, so be it. But the cabinet of the President must not be subjected to ridicule. It is a moral principle for the Minister to have resigned from the cabinet to give support to whomever dim fit. Issues like this will always bring about division in the cabinet if not treated appropriately. Subjects loyal to the President would not want to have their superior put into a position of disrepute more so that the President has been called a weakling and all sorts of names in the past. Perhaps, the moles that have been much talked about in the cabinet of the President are revealing themselves now that the business of politicking for the 2019 elections is gearing up.

Some have argued that it was a plot by Atiku to further weaken the ranks in the cabinet of the President-it has been an aged long strategy by the military to use an insider to bring down the enemy. What have indeed surprised me in all this is, the President or Presidency have not said anything about it. I thought she should have been asked to resign or even sacked-well maybe an investigation is been carried out on her secretly as it has always been with this government.

Political gladiators are playing out their strategy to win the next general elections and the President had better start scrutinizing his foot soldiers (cabinet), if he want to re-contest  for the hottest seat in Nigeria-I am of the opinion that he should take a back sit to take good care of his health. He has given his best to rescue this nation from deep corrupt practices and that would be immensely appreciated but he should make sure the Minister resigned to protect the image of his government.

Let me clarify it here that I don’t have anything against Atiku Abubarkar but my constituency have always been for the youths who can adapt better to the rapid changes in policy execution.

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