Why is the indiscriminate use of poster bills in Nigeria

Post bills

Ever wondered why people paste bills indiscriminately on the walls of others without approval?

That is a question I ask myself time after time when I see this everyday on the street of Lagos. Just as I was passing by admiring the enormous architectural work been done on a renovated building, a massive bill been pasted on an adjacent building kept me distracted and I eventually yielded to its call- it was a religious campaign as usual. About five of these massive bills were pasted on the wall for display and I must say that it is a very strategic location to put up an advert.

I am not in doubt that the bill achieved its purpose but what got me wondering was the bill was not pasted by the owner of the property. How furious the property owner will be when he sees that his property has been disfigured by a bunch of faceless people. It has been a regular occurrence in the Nigerian society for some people to paste bills for whatever campaign without the consent of property owners. This uncultured behavior by the faceless group (you never see when they paste these bills) gave birth to the phrase “post no bill”. You see that phrase almost on all walls of property owners in Lagos nowadays.

Property owners have the right to put a caveat on their walls because of the negative effects these bills have on their properties. Some bills are pasted in such a way that it is difficult to remove easily except through the use of powerful chemicals which in turn deteriorates the buildings, in some other cases these bills destroys the paintings on the wall. Hence, the property owner needs to do some repainting or total renovation all together.

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The electioneering year is gradually creeping in and this is when this unscrupulous behavior will be on the rise-I mean just as Game of Thrones is synonymous to “Winter is Coming”, Posting of Bills is synonymous to “Election is Coming”. This menace (indiscriminate bill posting) is popular because the cost of producing it is cheaper for politicians who are cash strapped especially when the economic meltdown is still biting hard. The big time politicians can afford to make use of the electronic and print media (Radio, Television, Newspapers and magazines). The reason why the use of bills won’t go nowhere in the nearest future now that youths are been encouraged to join the political train to liberate this nation from political kwashiorkor. The only tools that would be affordable for them to use are the social media and the poster bills.

The poster bills have its own essence just as the other forms of advertising but there must be sanity in its use. I know that Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA) is saddled with the responsibility of regulating and controlling outdoor advertising and signage displays. One of the many functions of LASAA is to control the pasting and display of posters on public structures and highway but it should be extended to private properties too to have a cleaner environment.

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