Will the energy situation ever be fixed in this country

The erratic energy supply that has bedeviled this country (Nigeria) has gone way back since the birth of the country itself. The era of up Nepa! is one that cannot be forgotten in a jiffy even as few people still chant this so annoying phrase-in the suburban parts of the city. I see why God was happy when He said “let there be light” and there was light. Darkness could not withstand its intensity and therefore needed to give way.

Few people still chant up Nepa! not because the energy situation have improved but the average Nigerian feels indifferent about the energy situation. Virtually every government of the day promises stable power supply at the beginning of their tenure but as time goes on, so little is seen in the development of the power sector despite the humongous funds been channeled into this sector.

The corruption toga that seem to be the identity of most government and some private officials cannot be overemphasized but that is not the discussion for today. The trend that has been noticed in the political history of Nigeria is that before any election, individuals seeking elective positions promises all manner of things for the electorate to vote for them – if possible they can even raise the dead when elected.

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The aforementioned was stated because the current Minister in the power ministry who was in opposition before the 2015 general election made some pronouncements that the issue of power will be a thing of the past within six months of their administration if his party is been voted into power. By my calculations six months have been well exceeded, still his party and himself manning the ministry are still finding it difficult to unravel the problem of epileptic power supply. So much blame have been leveled against Discos and Gencos for sabotage by the Power Minister.

Politicians just play on the gullibility of Nigerians (some) to make statements without been asked questions and detailed answers given. Its not good enough for government officials to keep giving the same reasons for poor power supply year in year out. Vandalism of infrastructure, shortage of gas supply to the turbines, inadequate funding of the power sector are some of the problems that have been told to Nigerians for ages-it has been like that for a very long time.

Since we all are aware of these challenges for so long a time, it is thought that successive governments would have tinkered on the solutions to this perennial problem bedeviling this nation. We sure are still waiting for this administration to do something really fast in this sector as we all know the six month time to restore adequate power supply to this nation is long gone but the government should make fast track approach for tremendous improvement in the power sector. so that the phrase up Nepa! should be buried for good.

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