Independent People of Biafra and the Polarization of the Nigerian State

Different tribes in Nigeria
Ethnic tribes in Nigeria


Igbo people are just too arrogant for me to spend the rest of my life with! I thought the comment was a joke as I tried to see through her thought but put aback as my instinct revealed to me that she was speaking from experience. I never bordered to inquire further from her to unravel the reason(s) for the firm decision as the environment would not permit me to. As I left her, it kept reechoing in my thought process that numerous people will have similar feelings towards other tribes of the society-well maybe. Could such emotion be based on tribal bigotry, parental influence, religion, disposition of the igbos, or just share personal experience?

I was discussing with a friend some years back as an undergraduate in one of the tertiary institution in the South west, I heard this statement loudly as he (an eastern fellow) walked past us with his female friend “this Yorubas and their ngbati ngbati everywhere” but my friend wasted no time to reply loudly as well with “this igbos and their ego le everywhere”. It was really hilarious at that time but this trend has now become a monster-sadly so.

This is clearly what most people face in Nigeria especially lately with the polarization of the various tribes in the society. This has been aggravated by the recent rants by sectional leaders speaking on behalf of their kinsmen. This has gradually crept into the corporate world as establishments owned by an individual of a particular tribe wouldn’t appraise other tribes to some significant position based on tribal bigotry. Every tribe seems to want a country now that the Independent People’s Republic of Biafra is making a case for their people through Nnamdi Kanu. The Northern and Western part and the Southerners are not slacking as well. Niger Delta Republic and Oduduwa Replublic are been canvassed by their people- Arewa people are not left behind too. Suddenly everyone wants a country!

Maybe I should categorically state here that any section of the society has the right to secede but things should be done appropriately. If cessation would be the solution to the many problems plaguing this nation, then we should as a matter of urgency seat to discuss how it’s going to be done. Would it be done via referendum, constitutional conference or whatever process that will make the vast majority of Nigerians satisfied-it’s clearly a daunting task. Britain that has adequate data and resources are still grappling with the implementation of Brexit. I have paid close attention to the proponents of cessation and clearly the reason that has been put forward is “marginalization”.

If marginalization is the sole reason for a section of a country to be agitating to secede, I bet it’s (marginalisation) not their exclusive right as every part of the society is marginalized really-the reason why restructuring has been a perennial word stinging Nigeria for a long time. I stand to be corrected if all these chants here and there are not for selfish interest of some leaders. What I thought Nnamdi Kanu and his allies should have done is to solve this matter politically. The PDP which has been the party serving as platform through which the easterners have thrived on to gain political office since 1999 be mandated to zone the Presidential slot to them (easterners) come 2019 general elections. Perhaps the igbos do not have a collective interest to pull this off. I singled out Nnamdi Kanu because he and his people started this struggle.

Nnamdi kanu and his kinsmen have been heard loud and clear and therefore all the major tribes in the country should sheath their sword in order not to further heat up the polity that is already at the boiling point. If the only strategy the various tribes have at their arsenal is threats and counter threats, I see why the nation still has more than a lot to do.

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