Unknown gunmen massacre in St. Phillip church Ozubulu, Anambra.

Massacre in St. phillip Catholic Church, Ozubulu.
St. Phillips Catholic Church

Again as I watched the video of the St. Phillip Catholic Church massacre in Ozubulu, Anambra state in utter shame, disgust and anguish, I watched closely to see barriers being erected by the security agencies concerned to forestall any form of corruption as regard evidences on the actual crime scene but alas nothing of such was visible. The police were allegedly called to the scene immediately the sporadic shootings occurred to bring about order but it is surprising to see that the environment of the crime scene was not cordoned for proper investigation to take place. It is no surprise that investigations will always be inconclusive in most cases and they eventually turn to cold files.

There is no CCTV camera this time as in the case of the bank robbery that happened in Owerri some months back to help aid investigation. People should not just die especially when it’s not a natural death such as this without proper investigation being done to at least let the families of the victims get justice. I see why people resort to jungle justice even though it is not a way to go in resolving crime but the citizens are increasingly losing faith in criminal investigation in Nigeria. Much has been said about corruption bandied about the Police Civil Service Commission which should deploy technology to investigate crimes.

Now, who is Nnamdi Ikegwonu ‘Bishop’, the alleged wanted man by the gunmen? It is also alleged that the feud that caused this mayhem started outside the shores of Nigeria-South Africa to be precise. The Church was alleged to be  built by Nnamdi who is also known as a philanthropist but it was alleged that he and his brother are involved in shady business (drugs) in the southern part of the continent. Business must have gone south in South Africa to have led to this disaster in St. Phillip Catholic Church.

It is interesting to note that such philanthropy especially to the church is growing by the day. Honestly, philanthropists are needed in the church to help the needy especially when the gap between the rich and poor are widening like never before. However, the church should not be monetized just like other commodity in the market. In the early church, scrutiny is a moral duty and even basic requirement before such persons (philanthropists) could be allowed to be financiers of projects. But some men of God or should I say gods of men because no true pastor or church leader will not want to ascertain the source of wealth of a donor-it is a standard requirement.

No one wants to ask questions anymore and some philanthropists who are involved in shady businesses would want to hide under the canopy of the church as most Nigerians are religious. Nothing stops the priest in St. Phillip Catholic Church in asking questions as to the source of wealth of this donor ‘bishop’ or perhaps the priest looked away for personal reasons which only he can spill out.

I can only hope that the people involved would honor the invitation of the police as it has been widely reported to unravel the real truth about this massacre. May the soul of the dead rest in peace and may the families have the fortitude to bear the loss.

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Photo Credit: premium times

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