Why the internal wrangling will continue in political parties

Internal wranglings in political parties
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My fellow Nigerians was a catchy phrase that once was used to herald a new administration in this country when a coup d’etat had been successfully carried out by the military. The panic and confusion that era reminds me of the dog of my landlord. This dog victimizes every tenant in the house with the exception of the landlord of course. It was like a war to go in and out of the compound but after some years of torture, we suddenly found Jaguar (dog) dead. Spiders whispered into my glorious antenna that she was actually poisoned so as to bring peace. 

There was jubilation when the other tenants got the news but of course we had to tread carefully in order not to incur the wrath of the landlord. When the military decided they wouldn’t disrupt civilian administration no more when they relinquished power in 1999, I thought the confusion confronting us as a nation will be subdued just as that of Jaguar but there was a problem of confusion, zoning, and individualism e.t.c among members of the PDP which was a conglomerate of various political parties at the time.

They succeeded in winning the election-even though it’s debatable. There were conflicting agenda within the party which led them to have various court issues. Their (political parties in Nigeria) issue is likened to be Jaguar’s, though she wanted to protect the inhabitants of the house, she eventually did it the wrong way. Conflicting ideologies is not the bane of our political parties but rather conflicting interest.

As a nation, we seem to never learn from history as the APC was hurriedly put together as a political just to flush the PDP out of the system. This is beginning to tear them apart just as what happened in the days of PDP. What won the election for APC the last time was not the share size of the party alone but substantial part of the citizens wanted to have another idea (ideology) which was been chanted by the APC in their campaigns in the last general elections to be implemented-now we know better that it’s just mere declaration. Individuals cross carpeting left, right and center just to  gain a better position within a party.

Ask an average politician in the country why he or she is in a political party and the answer you will get is “I want to serve the people”. Go further by asking how that will be done, I bet you are asking for trouble. It should always be about what you want your policies to achieve and stick by it. The US is a vivid example of how ideologies have been rooted in their policies. Democrats believe in the Obama Care policy while Republicans will not have it. I am sure by now, Democrats would have cross carpeted to the Republicans if they were to be Nigerians-the ruling party is always the real deal in Nigeria.

Little bird has whispered that some parties wants to come together to form a mega party to wrestle power from the APC. If their plan succeeds, what ideologies do they have to stand out from the rest? Oh well, time will tell.

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