Does nature have anything to do with the recent flooding?


Is nature the main reason for the recent flooding
Flood: Lekki/Ajah expressway

Today was really not a good day as there was heavy traffic on the Lagos Island not necessarily because of the mad rush by Lagos drivers but the incessant rainfall that has refused to abate for some days now which as a consequence led to flooding. Earlier in the day, we were as usual happy to see a bright and clear day and of course our grand daughter was in a boisterous mood as a groove is about to go down-she was invited to a birthday party. All of the vibes was not fruitful as the weather went berserk and decided to do the will of nature.

We were in the traffic for most of the day until we decided to head back home when it finally dawned on us that there won’t be a birthday outing for our little princess after all-what a shame. That was the situation of things for my aunt and her family and with extension other people who had various things to do at the time but could not change the course of nature.

Did I just say nature? The recent flooding on the streets of Lagos have always been man-made. It actually starts from the design and construction stage and eventually the manner at which the roads and drainage are been put to use. In the design stage, most of the drainage were not designed to be covered and the few ones that are covered have been turned to parking lots on the ever busy Lagos Island. Hence, local government councils that are responsible in clearing the drains give the excuse that they can’t work effectively because of the cars parked right on the drains but I pondered on why the open drainage are not cleared as well.

The same thing keep happening year in – year out and we as a people keep screaming government have not done a thing about it even when we are the one causing greater damage by disposing biodegradables into the open drainage which blocks water channels. Government on her part needs to be prepared yearly before the rainy season to clear the drains and sanction those that have turned drainage to parking lots which could generate tax revenue for the government but it has to be said that partnership with the private sector to construct high rise parking space is needed to be put in place before sanctions are activated.

Private sector participation is highly critical in making the implementation of the car park projects sustainable. The Nigerian government over the years have proven that the management of these kinds of project eventually abandoned coupled with paucity of funds available in this dispensation-hence the need for private operators to build and operate such facilities. What government should just do is to oversee or should i say supervise so as to forestall any form of extortion from investors. The construction of high rise parking lot will not only generate revenue, allow local authorities to clear the drains, it will as well reduce traffic congestion on our roads.

Nature will always do what it was created to do and rainfall is part of the plan of God to mankind and it is in our own wisdom to use it maximally to  the benefit of all.

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