What kind of restructuring should we adopt as Nigerians


What sought of restructuring should be adopted in Nigeria

Flipping the pages of newspapers and other information disseminating platforms, what perhaps is the trend in town is the issue on “restructuring”. The high and mighty, professionals in various fields and politicians have suggested ways on making Nigeria a great nation by reverting to the 1963 constitution, going back to assess or perhaps implement the 2014 conference conducted by the Jonathan administration. All these suggestions have their various merits and demerits.

However, how Nigeria got to this present state had always been an issue of public discuss. The various tribes in the nation claim to be marginalized by the power at the center. Hence, the need for bickering and agitations which always seem to be the last resort by people concerned. Massive loot of the government treasury, due process not followed in awarding and executing contracts, impunity on the part of government officials, skewed appointments in MDAs and without leaving out corruption.

Each time a new administration is been ‘elected’ into office, this same issue of restructuring seem to be on the table and it was even in the manifesto of the present APC led federal government. Perhaps, this is the time to implement that portion of the manifesto. May be, the definition of restructure, which is to effect fundamental change as an organization or system needs to be looked at in another form. As the word restructuring means different things to each indivual-are we talking about economic (fiscal) restructuring, institutional restructuring, political restructuring, social restructuring, e.t.c

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As it is, the present system of government (federating units) which is not put to appropriate use is actually too expensive for a country that is bedeviled with numerous challenges. Nigeria had also adopted the unitary system of government in the past which I believe was not fruitful. Hence, the change to the federal system.  Other systems such as feudalism, communism, and totalitarianism have never been adopted but it literally cannot work in a country such as Nigeria with the way politicians go about the business of administration. The Jonathan administration gave us at least a peep into the dangers inherent in these other forms of government as war lords were running the show in the Niger Delta and this administration has that of the herdsmen.

In my opinion, the system that needs to be adopted and fundamentally so is “mind restructuring”. China, United State of America, Russia, South Korea, Britain all have a system that works for, not because such systems does not have their own imperfections but they have a mind (government) that is patriotic to their various nations first before their own personal gains. Nigeria should tow that part too instead of moving from one system to the other which never achieves meaningful results. Politicians will continue to move from party to party because of personal gains which stagnates the country. The sooner we get our minds together to achieve a common goal which is a prosperous Nigeria, we will continue this debate of restructuring till eternity.

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