What are the effects of Aso-ebi in the Nigerian social circles

Effects of Aso-ebi in the Nigerian social circles

Spirit lead me when my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters, wherever you would call me. Take me deeper than my feet could ever wonder and my faith will bring me stronger in the presence of my savior. That was the lyrics  to the gospel song by the band “Hill Song” that kept piercing through my soul that Sunday afternoon during church service. Indeed everyone was alive in the presence of the Lord as the Holy Spirit came down to do the usual (Supernatural). However, as soon as the service was over, I galloped out of the church premises heading for home but no sooner that I got to the gate, I had a voice called from behind me , don’t run away!!-oh dear!! what a sonorous voice.

I sharply looked back to know who the angel was and she turned out to be a friend I haven’t seen for a while. Of course, it was good to see her but for a piece of clothing I saw she was dangling, obviously for me to see. I silently prayed to the Lord in my heart for her not to do the marketing of that clothing material (Ankara). An average Nigerian knows what that connotes-a party is about to go down. She will be walking down the aisle in a bit and she wants me to come but of course I need to purchase the clothing material, she said. This has been a question I struggle with anytime I’m faced with it but I managed to escape (please don’t ask me how).

The culture of celebrating almost everything with the uniform (Aso-ebi) has become a way of living in this part of the world. It was originally created to form togetherness in a close family unit (nuclear family), I want to believe. Good or bad, it has an effect on the people depending on the angle we view it from. The most common effects of Aso-ebi are:

Economical in nature: Some people do not want to consider the financial status or condition of the people they are selling it to and thereby forcing it down their throat. If the recipient kicks, they would be quickly reminded that they also will have one or two functions to do in the nearest future. Again, Aso-ebi have been turned it to a money making venture to fund the eventual party/event-President Buhari must hear this because it  is corruption.

Psychological: it fosters enmity sometimes in the society as guest who did not buy the clothing material are treated shabbily, they do not get invite in some cases. Class struggle is also imminent when it comes to sharing of gifts. Most of the time, especially female folks get depressed and begin to have low self esteem when they cannot meet up.

The way out of this Aso-ebi dilemma is to go back to the old practice, where the families of those hosting events should be the ones wearing the Aso-ebi as the name implies (family clothing) and guests should be told colours to wear and whether it should be formal or traditional-I guess that is what they call a themed event.

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