Technology and the Bible (paper) in the 21st century

Technology and its effects in the 21st century on paper bible
Technology: Micro chip

Technology is what drives the economies of the developed countries of the world. The colossus impact it has on the lives of an average human is not explainable. The article you are reading right now is on a platform of technology. Thinkers and innovators over the years have come up with different technologies deployed for specific purposes. Satellites, Nuclear plants, Airplanes, Super computers, e.t.c were all creations made out of technology. The World Wide Web ensured that these technologies were interconnected for the greater good of the human race. Continue reading “Technology and the Bible (paper) in the 21st century”

Why has Alhassan Aisha not resigned from Buhari’s cabinet?

The recent statement by Alhassan Aisha does not show loyalty.
Alhassan Aisha

I thought Alhassan Aisha would have resigned by now given the statement she put out recently. This was the statement as quoted,

Since I was in the civil service, His Excellency, Atiku Abubakar, has been my mentor and godfather. He has remained so even now that I joined politics. There is a reason for every political relationship.”

As ordinary as the statement may have sounded, it questions the loyalty of the Minister of Environment and Women Affairs to the President. Everyone has political mentor one way or the other but putting out a statement like that have an undertone. Continue reading “Why has Alhassan Aisha not resigned from Buhari’s cabinet?”

The imposition of candidates in the democratic era

Imposition of candidates in the poltical system

The imposition of candidates before an election has been an occurrence in the Nigerian political system since ages-partly due to the military regime of following the command structure. There is usually no democratic process involved in the military system of government that was the form of government in this country for decades before the advent of democracy-hence, godfatherism was the order of the day. Continue reading “The imposition of candidates in the democratic era”

Why is the indiscriminate use of poster bills in Nigeria

Post bills

Ever wondered why people paste bills indiscriminately on the walls of others without approval?

That is a question I ask myself time after time when I see this everyday on the street of Lagos. Just as I was passing by admiring the enormous architectural work been done on a renovated building, a massive bill been pasted on an adjacent building kept me distracted and I eventually yielded to its call- it was a religious campaign as usual. About five of these massive bills were pasted on the wall for display and I must say that it is a very strategic location to put up an advert. Continue reading “Why is the indiscriminate use of poster bills in Nigeria”

Why the youths should vie for the position of President in 2019

The future belongs to the youths because they are the ‘leaders of tomorrow’ is a statement that has long been made by our fathers and even our ancestors. This statement might be true in some developed climes such as the European countries and the Americas but the same cannot be said of their African counterpart most especially Nigeria. The position of the President had always been the exclusive reserve of the old. I ask myself anytime that phrase comes to mind, when will the future ever become the present for the teeming youth that are ever increasing by the day? Continue reading “Why the youths should vie for the position of President in 2019”

The Disparity between University and Polytechnic graduates in Nigeria

I will not be coming back to do my Higher National Diploma because of the numerous challenges the holders of such certificates are exposed to! A friend gazed at me and somewhat felt the determination in my assertion, advised that it was a good course to pursue but can you withstand the rigorous processes involved in Direct Entry? Delay in transcript transfer, will statement of result be ready before hand, and some other logistics that could arise. Without giving it a thought, I affirmed by nodding my head because it has always been a topsy-turvy issue in the corporate world and even in government circles. The disparity between University graduates and their Polytechnic counterpart have been a long debated issue. Continue reading “The Disparity between University and Polytechnic graduates in Nigeria”

Will the energy situation ever be fixed in this country

The erratic energy supply that has bedeviled this country (Nigeria) has gone way back since the birth of the country itself. The era of up Nepa! is one that cannot be forgotten in a jiffy even as few people still chant this so annoying phrase-in the suburban parts of the city. I see why God was happy when He said “let there be light” and there was light. Darkness could not withstand its intensity and therefore needed to give way.

Few people still chant up Nepa! not because the energy situation have improved but the average Nigerian feels indifferent about the energy situation. Virtually every government of the day promises stable power supply at the beginning of their tenure but as time goes on, so little is seen in the development of the power sector despite the humongous funds been channeled into this sector. Continue reading “Will the energy situation ever be fixed in this country”